Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silver Lining:)

So many things have happened in the last two days that made me say, "That's going in my blog!" I can only remember one right now..and that is..I now know exactly how many crumbs a single Cheese It can create. lol
Enjoyed my am coffee on the deck and saw this...
Of course these pics do it no justice. I was just so surprised, I had to get a few pics.
Speaking of which, I am so in shock over the tornado damage in Mass. I really didn't expect it to be anything like that. I feel so bad for those affected. Definitely not something we are used to here in the Northeast.
Busy day at the shop, which is always a good thing:) My Hubby and daughter stopped in, and much to my surprise, baby girl was pretty chilled. I mean, she played with every candle she could get her lil hands on, but she was much cooler about it than last time she was in. lol
So I told her to come sit in my room with me for a minute, as the shop was getting a lil she walks in and says, "cards...Mommy cards?" I was like, huh? I asked where, and what cards and all she said was "I dunno" So we sat down for a few and this is what she decided to do..

And I just LOVE this pic! I did'nt move much, and the crystal ball is just glowing from the flash! so cool!
So I gave her another one to check out, I think she liked it:)
She then proceeded to scope out my crystals that were on the table..

She totally took it upon herself to put that crystal on her head..she is just too much! She's only 2 and a half, but she already seems to know what's up!

Not too much happening..took a trip to the mall..not a common occurrence..spent too much money at Vikki's getting smell goods:) and Hubby got himself a sexy outfit:) :D (not in Vikki' another store:) haaahaaa
So I'd say it was a good day!
OOOHHHH and My bestie is coming for a too short visit in 2 weeks! I am sooo excited! She moved away almost a year ago, and we haven't seen each other since the day before she left. I miss her terribly, and I am so happy that we will get at least one good quality day in:) :D

Oh, and my 95 yr old Nana who likes to play on the swingset..well I had to go to her house to do her nails for her today..she's got a wedding to go to this weekend. She showed off this cool ass jacket she got for the occasion..a nice purple silk number, has a Japanese vibe to it..very nice. She's such a hot shit!
Well kids, that's all the news that's fit to dish!

Until next time..remember...We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.



    Wait... is that Amber Romance I smell?

  2. lol..why yes, it is, amongst maaaany others..lmao
    i mactually did spray myself last night..heehee had to.