Thursday, July 7, 2011

The last week in PICTURES:)

Mommy and Brother self portrait:)

Goober:) xoxox

Sister passing the time till FiReWorKS!!!!

...and she passed the time by jumping on Brother...

Me and my DH James:)

This is the very first pic of the three of us..,,,

and our very first family photo.

a few of the 167 pics I took that night..lmao

The next day we did the whole beach thing. This is Sister and her Uncle playing:)


THE DECISION..lmao..she's so funny

Pilot, Swimmer..or Motorcycle Mama???? Only time will tell..either way..she looks beautiful and ready to go!!!

So that's it in a're got the revised, edited,
A lil preoccupied as of late. I know this is my personal blog, but not sure how much real "personal" stuff I want to put out there..ya know?...

ok. I will say this. I am the kind of person who will hold a grudge for the rest of my natural life. I don't care.
I will not chase ANYONE to be a part of my life. If my life is LESS stressful, when you're not in it,
well, then guess what cupcake?
It doesn't matter how long I have known you.
It doesn't matter if we are related.
It doesn't matter.
If you know me, you know me,
and if you don't, you never will.

"I am not what you supposed,
but far different"
so Kids, till next time, remember this..."Colleges in Florida are a LOT sunnier."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Bits of this and That:)

 So my DH ordered some of that funky tea that is a flower, that actually "blooms" in the teapot. So we decided to try it the other night. This is what it looked like out of the package...just a tight lil ball and green

Then here it is after we brewed a pot...pretty neat if you ask me:)
And the tea was pretty tasty as well...DH actually saved some for iced tea. If you have the chance to try this,I totally recommend it:)

So Wed was the last day of school for my lil man, he is officially a first grader now:)
So I decided it was time for a date day:) Since all he has been talking about it the new Cars2 movie, I figured I'd take him. So I make sure we get there in plenty of time, I make sure I have quarters for the arcade. Don't you know, they converted the whole arcade to tokens only, and of course the only token machine was BROKEN. Try explaining that to a 6 year old who has been waiting for this day for months. Aye...
So we decided to ...yikes..get a snack...(my first installment payment is due next week)
Pretzels with an array of dipping we had Mayo, Honey Mustard, regular Mustard, and Ranch.
Another cool thing that happened at the movies was that he got a free book when we purchased our tix!
So we walked around and checked out all the "Coming Soon" posters, and of course all the ones for Cars2 were way up high...but he did find a few that he liked....

here he is, doing his best Optimist Prime impersonation...err..Transformination? you know...acting like a
He was so excited! It was a huge..very cool display:)
On a side note, speaking of daughter will NOT be getting a scholarship.....
She was walking around with this bucket on her head saying " I . am. a . robot." lol it was pretty funny:)
So back to the movie date:)
Puss in Boots is another movie we are anxious to see, I always thought he was a pretty interesting cat...
We suddenly realized that 1:05 had turned into 1:28 so we hustled to get a seat, and finish our snack in the theater..

So did I mention this was in 3D? A first for both of us. Totally dig the 3D thing I must say! :)
Even the previews were in 3D! Cars2 gets a very enthusiastic 2 thumbs up:) by the way:)

And since I can't seem to post as often as I'd like, I will just throw in the pics of my flowers and
This is Hibiscus..looks sooo pretty..there are 3 trees on the edges of one of the garden areas..BTW my DH takes care of the plants, trees, shrubs, veggies, and anything else growing outside..I have NOTHING to do with any of it:)
These lil flowers are cute, they have lil vines that will reach out and creep and climb whatever is close. They are supposed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, but I have yet to see either....
The same in red...

I love these in the window box:) I did choose them, but of course forgot the name of
The pink one is sooo bright the pic just doesn't do it justice, but figured I'd share anyway...
My DH just came over and made fun for blogging flower pics..lmao
And a much deserved trip To BK, where my son as usual...proves the theory that all boys just HAVE to make faces....

And where DH's protective invention takes place.....

the Nose
And to top off the end of the school year...( ? I dunno..sounded )
DH got me a new super shiny!!! :0 It is Rutillated Quartz, but instead of the usual titanium or iron ore..mine has Tourmaline in it!!! so fancy:0 I love's a skating rink, but I love it anyway! :)

So now that you have mad eit thru like 20 pic of randomness, I thank you!:)
That's all the news that's fit to dish!
And remember....Energy goes where attention flows...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Monday

So the days just keep getting fuller and fuller, and I was already needing more hours in one...whew! :)
I went to my son's school BBQ last week. The had a band and everything. They played dixieland mostly, but it was still cool. Me and my boy were the ONLY people dancing. And boy can we cut a rug..or a school gym floor as it ate our burgers, and played on the playground. Then of course I had to hitail it back to work for readings..but we had a great time.

Everytime I take a pic of my son, he just HAS to make a face..what's up with that?? lol
I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, well, no..I am, actually just dying a slow painful death of sinus blockages and lack of taste buds, and if I can't taste..well hell, just shoot me
Saturday we kinda just relaxed a bit, I was def not up for yard sailing or anything, but I of course went to work, like a good girl should. Good thing too, cuz it was busy:)

So Sunday was Father's Day, and after we gave DH our homemade cards and had breakfast, we headed over to grandma's house, where we were also celebrating auntie's bday.
The kids got to swim and have fun on the swingset. My DH brought the best ribs EVER and chicken too of course. He was up at the crack of dawn getting everything going on the grill. and OH MY was it scrumptious:) mmmm
see? yumminess AND a face...wth???? lol

Sister and Nonnie eating some of Big Nana's brown rice..another YUMMM

Helping Auntie blow out the candles..who knew it could be such fun???
and then, as it has become a family tradition, they licked the frosting off the candles.
Yes I started it when I was a kid, they all thought I was looney, but they all do it

and my DD had to stick her fingers in the cake...
Yeah..she's allllll rock n roll:)
DH is working on the trailer far so good. he damn near gutted the thing. But I will be patient, cuz when it's done, it will be all ours and it will rock!

OH and my new gripe? paying to get into a state beach. The same state I live, work and pay taxes in. Yep. If I was going to another state, taking up their space, polluting their fresh air etc.. then I would fully understand and maybe even EXPECT to pay a problem. But wtf? I already pay to be here!!!! Now I have to pay to go to the fing beach???? UUGGHHHH! Then I find out that they will be doubling the fees by the end of the month. Some crap our latest and lamest Governor has decided to pull.  So you bet I'm gonna go pay the 30 bucks for a season pass before it's 60 that I can afford even less. In a week, it's paid for, or 2 times on the
 We are going to try to get out to the water more often. Like I said, the kids has a BLAST and it was nice for us too..minus the kick start going there gave my cold somehow...but anywhoo..

I don't think I'll post tomorrow, we have Happy Goddess Tuesday, a circle for the Summer solstice (yaaaaayyy) and a Blessing for a friend's new baby:) I'll catch u up next time!

That's all I've got!
I am gonna hop on over to the tarot Cauldron to post the next card.
I hope everyone has a great week!!!

And remember...just because the water is calm, doesn't  mean there are no alligators.