Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Goddess Tuesday!

Ok, so I havent blogged in a few days, thats because we have actually been getting out a bit more,,yaaay!
Work, work, work also tho:( but like I've said, I sooo love my job! have been working on candles..it's a process, but our clients really seem to love them:) It's also a bit tiring from the energies put into them, that's one of the reasons we only pour once every other month or so. But, as I said..Love it!!
So, my BFF is coming to visit, I may have mentioned it. It's only for a couple of days:( but I am sooo excited! I haven't seen her in almost a year! This is someone that I would see on an almost daily basis..so even though we keep in touch constantly, we have sooo much to catch up on! can't wait! can't wait! :)
Then Sunday, we are going to a Princess BDay party for my other BFF's 2 yr old. Can't wait for that either! lol
My son is the biggest ham I know..lol

Spent some time with friends over the weekend which was quite nice:)
My handsome boy:)

Not really pics this weekend, just these few of the kids..those of you who know them will appreciate them I'm sure.:) You just have to know them..lol

And Happy Goddess Tuesday!!!!
Not sure what we will do in Group tonight, I had considered sitting outside for a meditation, but It's supposed to get even hotter than it is now, so we will have to see what happens...
So sadly, that's all the not even news, that's fit to dish...I figured at least I'd post something instead of continuing to slack..lol
Hope everyone has a great day!
And remember...Wisdom without vision is worthless..

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  1. Hi, Angela! I'm one of Cyn's faithful followers... You know one of the ones that is totally jealous of your Goddess Group! :P Your blog is coming along nicely. I love all the pics! Your family looks like a lot of fun!