Thursday, July 7, 2011

The last week in PICTURES:)

Mommy and Brother self portrait:)

Goober:) xoxox

Sister passing the time till FiReWorKS!!!!

...and she passed the time by jumping on Brother...

Me and my DH James:)

This is the very first pic of the three of us..,,,

and our very first family photo.

a few of the 167 pics I took that night..lmao

The next day we did the whole beach thing. This is Sister and her Uncle playing:)


THE DECISION..lmao..she's so funny

Pilot, Swimmer..or Motorcycle Mama???? Only time will tell..either way..she looks beautiful and ready to go!!!

So that's it in a're got the revised, edited,
A lil preoccupied as of late. I know this is my personal blog, but not sure how much real "personal" stuff I want to put out there..ya know?...

ok. I will say this. I am the kind of person who will hold a grudge for the rest of my natural life. I don't care.
I will not chase ANYONE to be a part of my life. If my life is LESS stressful, when you're not in it,
well, then guess what cupcake?
It doesn't matter how long I have known you.
It doesn't matter if we are related.
It doesn't matter.
If you know me, you know me,
and if you don't, you never will.

"I am not what you supposed,
but far different"
so Kids, till next time, remember this..."Colleges in Florida are a LOT sunnier."