Monday, June 13, 2011

Crazy week!

So let me start with the storm that chased US the other really did. Weather has been so crazy lately, all over the country, but even here in the NE we are seeing things that we never have before, not only the tornadoes, but simple threatening skies, that have just never been so threatening in our area. In the 35 years I have lived here, I have never ever seen the skies look like they have been. It's just strange. A lil scary sometimes actually.
This was when I stuck my phone out the window to confirm that the storm, was indeed chasing us..blury, but a cool shot nonetheless in my opinion:)

So my Bestie arrived Sat. afternoon!! She showed up at my shop and I was oh so happy to see her!!
We had to get the obligatory "I'm at the Cauldron" pic
Yes, I have a black leather couch in the shop. It just seemed like the thing to do! lol  :D
So happy to see her, I can't even tell you. We have 10 months of hugs and laughter and tears to catch up on..
She is onky here for a few days, and trying to visit as many of her peeps as she can. Last night a few of us had our evening on my deck, another "must" my DH made the most awesome ribs...thank the gods he's off the "I stopped eating meat" actually, even when he wasn't eating meat, he still grilled for me, he's awesome like that:) swoon:D..I digress..
Yeah, sinful, deliciousness indeed! :)
Lots of pics this blog.....
and a few cocktails with the gals....

and the firepit, since it was unseasonable cold. verry unseasonable.><
after drinks and ribs, Angela had to make Cheesy Chips. my bff hasn't had them in almost a year, and as you might have guessed, is a very indulgent kind of treat.
cheesy gooey goodness, or badness, all depends on your mood I
BUT the ladies were all beat, and pooped out early on me:(..admittedly, I was kind of beat myself.
So this morning my bff came and picked up my daughter (her fairy god daughter) and went to run errands like they used to do... and we met up with them for a nice lunch out on the water..had some chowda n clamcakes:)
Sister was amazed and thrilled that there were lil birds everywhere eating crumbs.....

so we all enjoyed a yummy lunch, and sister got to "slide down" a few times before we left..
gods, this is turning into my last few
OH and good could I forget! we went to my other bff's house on Sunday for her daughter's 2nd bday party. What fun we had! and it didn't even rain!! :D

Here is Sister, all ready to go to the Princess bday party! except for the hair..we weren't really done, but she wanted a pic:)

and leave it to my daughter to mow the grass in the Magickal Princess Kingdom!
and here's the Birthday Girl!!!

We had such fun, and Sister is still talking about it of course! and my Bff gave both of my kids the MOST unbelieveable goodie bags to take home! it was like a huge bday/xmas gift thing. and the goodies inside each of them were oh so appropriate for each of my kids.l They are having a blast with their new goodies;) Huge props to her. She rocks. hence the bffness
and this is me and my bestie who is here from fl. random pic in the parking lot of the place we had lunch today:)

And this is my daughter's room, yes mind youy she is 2.5 yrs old. I finally hung these posters up for them like a month ago...she's totally team my lil wolf girl:)

So, if you have made it this far, thru like 20 pics and randomness of my last few days, I thank you:)
it has been a crazy last week or so actually.
Tomorrow I hit the road bright and early with my bestie from fl to go to maine to pick up her daughter for vacation. Then I have to be back at the shop by 6 for Tarot class, and then we of course, have Goddess Group, which my bestie will attend, she has been missing them since she moved. And apparently, there are no other cool ladies get together type things from what I have been yall come out to the Cauldron!!
And so, I suppose, that's all the news that's fit to dish. I have, in the lase few days said, "that's going in my blog!" hope Istuck them all in here somewhere..who the hell
So, I was thinking of doing a lil tarot type blog or something..maybe I will...I still have to figure out some stuff on the whole blogging
So till next time my darlings....
and just remember...nothing from nothing leaves nothing..


  1. GREAT blog!
    Love the tarot blog idea!
    And hehe -- thanks for the goodie bag shout out -- ya know I like to keep the kiddies happy! And I have an extra girlie Cinderella gift bag that is going to be a GiVeAwAy on me blog! *w00ts*!

    You are becoming QUITE the super-duper blogger! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the pics!

  2. I love seeing the birthday party from another perspective (saw it first on Cyn's blog!). You little one is so adorable, too! Love that she's into Twilight.

  3. It doesn't surprise me that Cyn's goody bags were awesome. She definitely has a way with birthdays and holidays.

    I love all the pics! Keep posting them.

    I honestly think it's hard to find a good ladies get together type thing. Your Goddess Group is truly something special.