Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Monday

So the days just keep getting fuller and fuller, and I was already needing more hours in one...whew! :)
I went to my son's school BBQ last week. The had a band and everything. They played dixieland mostly, but it was still cool. Me and my boy were the ONLY people dancing. And boy can we cut a rug..or a school gym floor as it ate our burgers, and played on the playground. Then of course I had to hitail it back to work for readings..but we had a great time.

Everytime I take a pic of my son, he just HAS to make a face..what's up with that?? lol
I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, well, no..I am, actually just dying a slow painful death of sinus blockages and lack of taste buds, and if I can't taste..well hell, just shoot me
Saturday we kinda just relaxed a bit, I was def not up for yard sailing or anything, but I of course went to work, like a good girl should. Good thing too, cuz it was busy:)

So Sunday was Father's Day, and after we gave DH our homemade cards and had breakfast, we headed over to grandma's house, where we were also celebrating auntie's bday.
The kids got to swim and have fun on the swingset. My DH brought the best ribs EVER and chicken too of course. He was up at the crack of dawn getting everything going on the grill. and OH MY was it scrumptious:) mmmm
see? yumminess AND a face...wth???? lol

Sister and Nonnie eating some of Big Nana's brown rice..another YUMMM

Helping Auntie blow out the candles..who knew it could be such fun???
and then, as it has become a family tradition, they licked the frosting off the candles.
Yes I started it when I was a kid, they all thought I was looney, but they all do it

and my DD had to stick her fingers in the cake...
Yeah..she's allllll rock n roll:)
DH is working on the trailer far so good. he damn near gutted the thing. But I will be patient, cuz when it's done, it will be all ours and it will rock!

OH and my new gripe? paying to get into a state beach. The same state I live, work and pay taxes in. Yep. If I was going to another state, taking up their space, polluting their fresh air etc.. then I would fully understand and maybe even EXPECT to pay a problem. But wtf? I already pay to be here!!!! Now I have to pay to go to the fing beach???? UUGGHHHH! Then I find out that they will be doubling the fees by the end of the month. Some crap our latest and lamest Governor has decided to pull.  So you bet I'm gonna go pay the 30 bucks for a season pass before it's 60 that I can afford even less. In a week, it's paid for, or 2 times on the
 We are going to try to get out to the water more often. Like I said, the kids has a BLAST and it was nice for us too..minus the kick start going there gave my cold somehow...but anywhoo..

I don't think I'll post tomorrow, we have Happy Goddess Tuesday, a circle for the Summer solstice (yaaaaayyy) and a Blessing for a friend's new baby:) I'll catch u up next time!

That's all I've got!
I am gonna hop on over to the tarot Cauldron to post the next card.
I hope everyone has a great week!!!

And remember...just because the water is calm, doesn't  mean there are no alligators.


  1. Now I want ribs! Yum!

    Jersey has been charging to get onto beaches for over 15 years. However, the season passes are totally worth it if you go more than twice a year. Thankfully, my family's house is on the bay side and they don't charge to get onto those beaches... yet.

  2. Yeah... boo hiss Mr. Chafee -- you sucketh.
    Nuff said!

    Looks like you guys had a FABU weekend -- coolio!

    And ummm all boys do the face thing in pics -- it's in their DNA right next to their love of boogars, poop, and farts! HA!

    I have the f'ing sinus thing too -- so does Skylar -- and it, like our Govenor, suckeths! Get better soon!