Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

So, today was a long ass day, let me tell you! up super early, AGAIN. Hubby did take us our for breakfast though:) then we hit some yard sales. We usually don't find any on Sundays, but being the long weekend, there seemed to be more than a few going on. I did score a few goodies, my kids scored more of course. My daughter got a potty that plays music when you use it. She has a potty already.  She doesn't use it. She just HAD to have this potty today. So..Hubby got it for her (of course) we'll have to see how that plays
and my son got a huge bag of train tracks that he sure doesn't need, but he loves them:).. all in all, everyone was happy with their finds:)

We ended our day with a trip to the first carnival of the season, ocean side, and it was so much fun!
Sister went on her first "real" rides! She loved it. Brother got to ride a train,and a "roller coaster" so it was all

My girl has no fear! She loved it all! Come to think of it, my son has no fear either..uh

So needless to say, everyone is exhausted... that's a long day.
Glad we did it though.
Seems as though I have figured out the blog situation, my 2 bestest are following, and another good friend as well. not bad for my first attempt:)
My goals for tomorrow...clean up around the house, do some laundry, toss a few things into the yard sale bin. Yes, I am going to have my but then again, I have been saying this for ages..lmao We shall see.....


  1. Cute pics -- where was there a carnival?? And YaY for the kiddos lovin' it! Happy Happy Memorial Day Long Weekend!

  2. Did you all go to Oakland Beach? My potty plays music somtimes when I site on it too (Ha)! I think we should pitch in and have a yard sale @ the cauldron.See ya Tues...

  3. I think I finally figured this out. Glad you're having a great weekend. Hope today is a better day than it seems so far. Love the blog and the idea behind it is great. Can't wait to see where it goes. Good luck....