Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ok so Here We go!!!

Ok, so I have set up my blog. I think..;lol
new to the whole blog thing. I haven't written, or typed, as it were, on a regular basis for a verrry long time. I am hoping this goes well. Already, the font size is changing on me, as I type, o boy, this should be fun.
I have no expectations for this blog, so I hope you dont I'll just pop in and talk about, well..probably whatever is on my mind at the moment. Last night I have a child free evening, which does not occur often, and my bff and her fiance came over for dinner and some laughs. It was a nice relaxing evening, and I hope we can do it again soon. It has been a long day today. I was up very early, to go yard sailing with my husband then worked all day, but here I sit at 11:30pm working on my new blog. But I am sure as most moms, this is when I have the

 So welcome to my little corner of the internet:) Hope u enjoy your stay!



  1. I L♥VEEEEEEEEEEEEE the new blog!! Psyched to see where ya take it and all it becomes!!! And how cool -- I am your first *follower*!

  2. Ok, so I'm number two. Yay! Now that the nice weather has arrived, how about planning another drum circle? That was so much fun!

    Miss Maggie

  3. Love the blogging... I bet that was a great day....we love yard saling here in Florida...Rich calls it picking the bones when we go to the estate sales...lmao...Have a great day and can't wait for the next post..